What Bahu These Days Want To Say To Her Saas

10 Things that every Daughter-in-Law (Bahu) would like to say to her Mother-in-Law (Saas)

Saas-Bahu is a bond that has its own special feeling. Mother-in-law, Saasuji, Saasu Maa/Mom, or simply Saas; any of these names is enough to frame an image about the woman who has waited for almost 25 years or more to replicate what she has gone through after her wedding. Now, this is her turn to be on the safer side of the pool.

Good or Bad, Polite or Rude, Caring or Cruel, Easy or Difficult whatever of these is our Saasu Maa, we have to be with her to prove that our parents have not brought up us with any negative sanskar.

The train to our happy married life gets derail when we discover our husband as either a “mamma’s boy” or “the son our M-I-L loves more”. We start struggling to make our identity in the family and in our husband’s daily life despite of his room.

Many of us must have disagreeable mothers-in-law but then some of have good ones as well. The man we love connects us and this is the only reason why we have to be together and happy at the same time.

Therefore beloved mother-in-law, though we do not certainly hate you, here are

10 Things Bahu Wants to Her Saas Know to Facilitate Life For Both of Them

Be A Good Saas:

I don’t want the perfect one, but a good one is what I desire. It’s a “give-and-take” relationship between us. Treat me the way you want me to treat you.

Different Areas of Interest:

We belong to two different families, moreover two different eras. There are different sources of amusement to us where we enjoy. So lets not make faces when we cannot accompany each other.

I Am Fine in Sharing My Man:

If it is sensible, I do not mind sharing him. But, then just do not expect him to always pick out between you and me. He loves both of us and the definition of that “love” differs from you to me.

I Do Not Dislike You:

No, I truly do not. Yes, I might not love you as much as I love my own Maa, but I respect you in the same way. Therefore, do not take on that I am all set to start a battle.

I Have Aims Too:

Do not restrain my aims just for the reason that you believe me to fit in a usual daughter-in-law frame. I could be working and still be able to handle everything on time. Just hold on and give me some time.

Let’s Not Involve Him:

Neither I will share nor you should share what happens between us. Give that poor man L a break from homely affairs. He has his own life as well.

Treat Me As An Individual Too:

I have my own choice of lipstick shade and bindi size. I can decide over what to wear at a family function and a social party. I agree you want me to be the perfect bahu, but try relating with me as an individual first. That will positively make things easier.

Treat Me like Family As well:

You want me to treat you, as a family but you always choose your son over me. Ohh…Come On! Not like your own daughter, but you can atleast treat me like your son’s wife; afterall your son loves me. :*

Trust Me:

I might not be as expert as you are, but trust me I am learning. I will learn, because I have married the man whom I have loved and keeping him happy is my first priority. Trust me, I can cook and serve your son food of his choice, satisfy him with the taste and keep his things on place.

We Will Have Our Differences:

You and I are two different people. We have different styles of doing the same thing. So, let’s do the things in our own ways (if they are correct, why change them).

To Conclude

“Nazariya Badlo, Nazare Badal Jayenge”

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