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Sonam Ke Shabd- what do you feel about it?

If stars could be counted, I would be the first one to do so. If love could be measured, I would have been the first one to do so too. Well by this time you must have figured out about me that this person is ambitious and insanely ludicrous. Yes, that’s me!

But I say, “When you reach the horizon, zenith is only a few meters away.” On that note, I, Sonam Jain, welcomes you to my blogging website SONAM Ke SHABD, a segment I truly take interest in.

A girl grown in Dhamnod, a small town in the district of Madhya Pradesh, India, had always the dream of making something of herself. No, I am not my favorite…I simply love the idea of sharing knowledge and gaining it.

After my post-graduation, I went ahead to complete my Doctorate and finally became Dr. Sonam Jain in 2020. Well, that was quite a moment!

I like to write, cook, play music, record precious moments of life, travel, basically everything about life.

My journey as a content writer started a decade back when I fell in love with writing. The writer in me gave me enough space to explore various aspects of life. From being a Lecturer to being a Freelance Content Writer and Editor, there was no looking back from then.

To be honest, I was enjoying every phase of penning down my emotions and compose a script that is viable for everyone.

What Sonam Ke Shabd is all about?

With this soon I came up with my blog- SONAM Ke SHABD. Today I can proudly say that I am not only a blogger but also a writer, editor, and reviewer.

I take great pride in writing and editing genres from Academics and Education, Art forms, Cooking, Culture, Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Health and Fitness, Hindi Poems, Parenting, Spirituality, Yoga, Travel, Weddings and probably can go on with the list.

This quintessential journey from a content writer to a blogger was made easy because of the support system at home. My parents taught me to be independent, my beloved husband Rohit Gupta with whom I have shared everything, and the apple of my eye, my toddler Namit Gupta whose smile and enthusiasm keep me motivated.

I owe each one of them for being a constant support.

Nobody is perfect unless one wants to acclaim knowledge with no boundaries at all. Sonam Ke Shabd is all about sharing life experiences and the happiness around it.

One of the core elements of happiness for me is food. I am a foodie too and love exploring varied food items and recipes.

Sonam Ke Shabd brings out a range of food recipes, tips, knacks, hacks, and more.

Life Management Blogs in Sonam Ke Shabd

My life management blogs are an extension of life around the surroundings, situations, adventure, life skills, and lifestyle too. As stated, it is all about life where a mixed bag talks about emotions, ventures, entertainment, travel…you name it and you will have it right away.

My only aim in sharing Sonam Ke Shabd is to make your time worthwhile and a grand takeaway.

Food Blog in Sonam Ke Shabd

The epitome of goodness often lies in the food and the happiest moments are celebrated best with good food and nutrition. Sonam Ke Shabd brings to you the finest sourcing for food recipes, its components, tips, and hacks to make your life a splendid one.

Mixed Blogs

Under mixed blog, you can expect the unexpected. Browse through the paramount of issues and categories to choose from. I am sure Sonam Ke Shabd has every little detail that you are looking for.

Before I Sign Off

Do follow me on Instagram under @sonam_ke_shabd where I post daily one quote on life and intend to spread positive vibe with all.

When you begin a venture, it is great to find people of the same interest, find the same like people to understand, I found mine, have you found yours?

Do share the takeaway you could take today … will love to hear.